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15 February @ the romulo Peace center
16 & 17 @ the manila polo club

$345 (P20,000) for this weekend workshop*


*The fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Please email us at RichardFreeman@romulopeacecenter.org for bank information. Or text ‭+63 921 315 2644‬.

Whatever form of yoga we practice, beneath the surface is a vinyasa—the step-by-step careful attention to detail, action, and counteraction within and between poses. We establish the direction of the posture, dissolve into the breath, and release the form to begin again.

The Art of Vinyasa workshop is an intricate exploration of this process through the lens of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Using clusters of postures from the Primary and Intermediate series, we’ll be working with the complementary and interlinking forms that transform any practice into a moving meditation.

This workshop brings insight applicable to any level of yoga practice, including (and especially) the daily Mysore practice. While the workshop is rooted in Ashtanga Vinyasa, all students with a vinyasa background and some familiarity with the Ashtanga series are welcome.

Join us as we learn to pay close attention to the meditative quality of form and movement as a means of bringing refinement to our practice. Detailed attention to subtle technique will prove to be the way of avoiding injury and integrating obstacles.



6 TO 830pm

The Middle Path
A philosophy lecture and an introduction to sitting meditation.

930am to 1230pm

Backbending from Head to Toe
Backbends can be both exhilarating and intimidating as we build a consistent practice. In this session we’ll work on the basics of backbending, exploring ways that allow us to stay strongly rooted in the feet and the core of the body while walking the edge of sensation. We’ll revel in the expansive and uplifting quality of backbends while paying attention to subtle actions and counteractions that allow us to remain grounded, open, and clear.

2 to 430pm

Twists and Finishing Poses
Within the asana practice, certain patterns of breath and movement keep us grounded and allow subtle layers of intelligence deep within the body to awaken so postures unfold spontaneously on the wave of the breath. When we connect to the apanic sense of rootedness and unification, an exuberant inhaling pattern naturally arises. This conjoining of breath with movement encourages an untangling of habitual patterns of mind and body so that free and smooth twists are easy and comfortable. This linking of breath also brings a deep awareness of the spine and core patterns of movement that is at the root of finishing postures that are calming and integrating.

930am to 1230pm

Opening the Hips Into Balance
Many important movements, energetic points of focus, and connecting patterns of prana and apana are centered in the pelvis and hips. In this session we’ll learn to work safely and intelligently to develop uddiyana and mulabandha while also considering hip flexibility and limitations. Maintaining balance and integrity forms the foundation of this work and of a grounded yet open practice.

2 to 430pm

Restorative Ashtanga
It may sound like a contradiction in terms to have “restorative” and “Ashtanga” in the same sentence; however, when practiced in conjunction with the internal forms of breathing, bandhas, and dristi, we find that an Ashtanga-based practice that includes stillness and time to soften into the present moment can be profoundly restorative.

The final segment of the weekend will include simple pranayama practices that enhance the ability to go deeply into any asana practice.