Certification in TRE®


So you’re interested in getting certified as a Global Provider of TRE®. Great! The first module will be a weekend workshop (March 6 to 8; Friday to Monday). It will be open to those who are going for full certification plus a few others who wish to deepen their personal TRE practice.

We do require that you have firsthand experience with TRE. If you do not, then please attend at least one of the “shakeouts” at the Romulo Peace Center!

Our next group shakes will be on 13 and 27 October. Both days are Sundays, and these donation-based workshops will run from 4 to 6pm. The button below takes you straight to registration.

Sae Kani will be our certifying teacher.

Sae Kani will be our certifying teacher.

Getting certified for TRE® requires commitment, maturity, and perseverance. Most requirements are not difficult, like the journaling and reading; however, the ten supervised teaching sessions of the second (and final) module do require practice and preparation.

In addition to these ten module-two sessions, you will have 4 semi-private tremoring sessions with Sae. These sessions are intended to help you deepen your personal TRE “practice.”

Module 2 will be open only to those on the certification track and will likely be a smaller group.

Module 2 requires a 4-day intensive. The 10 supervised teaching sessions (mentioned above) take place after that. (The July dates below are subject to change.)


Tension and trauma releasing exercise, TRE®, as taught by David Berceli, induces the body’s natural shaking mechanism and helps us let go of muscular tension. When tremoring is activated in a safe environment with an experienced provider, TRE® soothes the nervous system, ushers the practitioner back into a positive relationship with her body, and addresses trauma quite directly.

If you’d like to join Module 1 ($962) first—and decide later about Module 2, that’s perfectly okay.

$180 registration fee for Module 1 by Oct 23**

$391 by Nov 11, 2019

$391 by Jan 28, 2020

**refundable only under special circumstances

Send us a text at 0921 315 2644 if you’d like more information. Or email Liana Romulo directly.

Liana Romulo