Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor leading a class at this year’s Ashtanga Yoga Confluence.

Mary Taylor leading a class at this year’s Ashtanga Yoga Confluence.

Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor will be visiting the Philippines February 15 to 22 to teach a 5-day immersion suitable for all levels, even beginners, and a weekend workshop at the Romulo Peace Center.

With a fan base that stretches around the globe, this couple teaches yoga from the inside out, shining the light on the internal forms of postures—a contemplative approach that boldly stands out in the landscape of modern yoga.

The Art of Vinyasa weekend workshop (15 to 17 Feb) is an intricate exploration of “vinyasa”—the step-by-step careful attention to detail, action, and counteraction within and between poses. Students will work closely with the interlinking forms that transform any practice into a moving meditation; but there will also be entertaining tidbits on philosophy, mythology, and anatomy. This workshop will bring insight applicable to any level of yoga practice, especially the daily Mysore practice. While the workshop is rooted in Astanga, all students with a vinyasa background are welcome.

The Essentials (18 to 22 Feb) is a 5-day immersion designed for students new to Astanga as well as experienced practitioners wishing to refine their understanding of basic yoga philosophy. This course takes place every year in Boulder, Colorado, typically selling out in minutes. All days include guided asana classes in the mornings; chanting, philosophy, and pranayama in the afternoons.

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Richard Freeman has been a practitioner since 1968, and Mary since 1971. Their teachings draw mainly from life experience and the diligent daily practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation.

Richard spent nine years in Asia studying various traditions, which he incorporates into the practice. His background includes studying Sufism in Iran, Zen and Vipassana Buddhist practice, Bhakti, and traditional Hatha yoga in India. Starting in 1974 he also began an in-depth study of Iyengar yoga, which eventually led him to Astanga yoga.

Mary Taylor’s wisdom is heart-centered and fully embodied. She is especially skilled at bringing the theoretical down to earth, making it all seem practical and relatable. Like Richard, she continues to study and practice yoga and Buddhist teachings, with an eye on how the residue that is produced on the mat (and cushion) informs all aspects of everyday life.

From their home in Boulder, Colorado, they’ve written and produced a number of books and dvd / audio recordings, including The Mirror of Yoga; a ground-breaking 6-cd set of yoga-philosophy talks, The Yoga Matrix; and their latest release, The Art of Vinyasa (Shambhala Publications).

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