Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

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A four-week wellness program for those who wish to increase their productivity while developing ways to cope with stress. We start with you and how you handle stress then move to Mindfulness practices to build focused attention, self-awareness, and emotional regulation.

Building healthier habits to work with what life is throwing at you needs practice and time. So in 4 weeks,  expect to be doing home practices of exercises learned in the sessions.

This program takes the form of group learning. Train yourself to cope with stress on Fridays, 4-7pm, May 17, 24, 31, June 7.

FriendlyCare Foundation Inc. has been offering Mindfulness programs since 2016 and has been certified to deliver programs by the Centre for Mindfulness Studies - Toronto.

Enroll now and discover the power and benefits of Mindfulness from an experienced facilitator.

For details and inquiries, please contact

Iris 0917-804-3933
Christian 0920-619915


Program Fee:  P6000

Reservation:   P1500

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