Beginners Mindfulness


This lively introductory session, which takes place on Friday, May 3, from 4 to 7pm, is a fun and engaging opportunity to learn Mindfulness practices and skills. Discover why so many people around the world are embracing this simple and effective way to help quiet the mind, increase attention, awareness, and resilience.

FriendlyCare Foundation Inc. has been offering Mindfulness programs since 2016 and has been certified to deliver programs by the Centre for Mindfulness Studies - Toronto.

Enroll now and discover the power and benefits of Mindfulness from an experienced facilitator.

For details and inquiries, please contact

Iris 0917-804-3933
Christian 0920-619915
Rose 0916-345-8928

Fee:  P1,000

Friday, May 3, 4 to 7pm

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