Grounding & Integration


It’s hard to function when we’re tense. On top of the usual stressors of modern life, today we find ourselves despairing about the climate—forest fires, super typhoons, food shortages, etc.

Faced with this new kind of global anxiety, which permeates our lives every single day, it’s especially hard to carry on. Yet we must. How do we stay grounded in a world that’s spinning out of control? How do we cultivate human connections in a scary polarized world?

Dr David Berceli, creator of TRE®, explains the method in the video above.

This highly experiential three-day immersion, officially authorized by TRE® creator David Berceli, will give participants a powerful tool with which to alleviate anxiety and address trauma. Facilitated by a Disaster Management specialist from Japan (scroll down to read more about her), we’ll come away from three intensely focused days knowing how to find within ourselves grounding, connection, and integration.

TRE®—recently featured in Oprah’s magazine as a way hurricane survivors coped with PTSD—safely activates a natural shaking mechanism that releases muscular tension and trauma trapped in the body, calming down the nervous system. When the shaking mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body can return to a state of balance.

Once comfortable with the tremors, Ms Kani will guide participants to trust the body to do its own healing and clearing out of overwhelming experiences. This often leads to better sleep, ease of movement, freer breathing, and an enhanced ability to find peace within.

This 3-day immersion includes 4 mentoring sessions (focused on your personal practice) and counts as Module 1 towards TRE® Global Certification.

As a self-administered healing modality, TRE® is easy to learn and appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.

WHAT: Learn how to manage stress and regulate your nervous system in this 3-day immersion in TRE®, tension and trauma-releasing exercises, the only one of its kind in the Philippines.

WHY: Whether you are new to TRE® or an experienced practitioner, you will come away with a deeper, more integrated practice. This immersion serves as the first module toward Global TRE® Certification should you wish to be certified to teach TRE®.

WHO: Facilitated by Sae Kani, Global TRE® Certification Trainer; Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Management Specialist

WHEN: March 6 to 8, Friday to Sunday

WHERE: Romulo Peace Center, Century Plaza Penthouse, 120 Perea Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

INVESTMENT: 3-day immersion and 4 mentoring sessions with Sae Kani, USD$962

If you’d like to learn more about Grounding and Integration, please send an email to Liana Romulo.


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Sae Kani is currently the TRE® Certification Trainer for Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. Before specializing in TRE, she was a Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Management Specialist for 17 years.

Ms Kani, who is a Japanese citizen with an advanced degree in Development from the University of London, was part of the team that flew into Tacloban to help train facilitators after Yolanda. She also was instrumental in setting up the TRE community in Nepal post-earthquake.

Liana Romulo