The Alexander Technique


Waking Up to My Body

with Joy Romualdez Kawpeng

We do it every morning, day in and day out. We stretch; we roll out of bed. We walk to the bathroom, jump in the shower and the day has begun. One thing leads to another, as we step out the door, wearing our bodies without a second thought. 

joy3 (1).jpg

What if, somewhere in the scene above, we could insert a moment to greet the different parts that make up our body: feet, ankles, knees, pelvis, chest, neck, back—just to name a few. Your body would thank you, I’m sure. But how would it be for You?

You are not your body parts alone. You are the sum of all those parts . . . and more.

This workshop will delve into exercising a process of waking up in the body with an organizing principle that is efficient and easeful in the Alexander Technique.

Bring a friend or relative who may benefit as well.

Saturday, March 17, 4 to 6 pm (please arrive at 330pm)

Fee: P1,500 (P1,000 for students)

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Questions? Please text +63 917 857 4960

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