Beginners Yoga

Liana Romulo's teaching it, and we’re offering a special introductory rate exclusively for the first ten people who sign up!

Tuesdays, 830 to 945am
Saturdays, 10 to 1115am

This introduction to yoga is everything you’ll ever need to build a strong foundation for future, “more advanced” yoga classes. As a dedicated pranayama practitioner of more than a decade, Liana approaches yoga postures from the inside out, with an emphasis on channeling prana through internal, meditative alignment. While external form is also given importance in this class, we do welcome stiff, inflexible people!

Top Floor, Century Plaza
120 Perea Street
Legaspi Village

Text +63.921.315.2644 and get our incredible introductory rates :) To find out more about Liana, follow this link.

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