Off the Mat

On June 2, dozens of people at the Resorts World entertainment complex in Pasay were killed or injured when a gunman caused a stampede and set fire to casino tables and slot machine chairs around midnight. (He didn't actually shoot anyone.) The gunman moved to a storage area to steal casino chips but then killed himself after sustaining injuries from the police. All of the deaths and injuries resulted from the stampede and smoke inhalation from the fire.

The group of TRE volunteers I worked with on June 22 were a mix of personnel from Resorts World (dealers of the gaming tables or casino cashiers or agents for the high-rollers). Some were actually at the shooting scene; others knew people who were killed. They were almost all in their early 20s. It was (and is) a privilege to be part of their healing process.

The next day, our small group of 15 participants grew to 47! (The room provided was not big enough.) Glenda, Jes, and I were pretty surprised when we got there. We had Koreans, Indonesians, and one Malaysian in the group . . . guest officers for the foreign VIP high-rollers.

Some intense shaking ensued … and lots of “sharing” post-shake. I hope more volunteers can come and help facilitate in the coming months. These young people are tired of talking about what happened on June 2 and want to get past reliving the incident every night they lie in bed. They just want to shake and fall asleep at night.

One woman reported that she'd developed a facial tick after the fire. She said it had been getting worse since June 2. After the first day of TRE, her face returned to normal. She came back the second day and told us this.

In the photo are the TRE facilitators sitting in front: Jes, Glenda, and me. To learn more about TRE, please visit this page.