A Hands-On Ninja Experience

You’re not going to want to miss this event at the Peace Center! On Saturday, June 24, from 1 to 3pm, KAGEHISA sensei (a real live ninja visiting from Japan) will be presenting the Ninja Experience. You’ll get to view traditional Ninja weapons, like the star and the blowgun, learn how to step stealthily, and ask lots of questions.

Descending from Seiwa Genji, the most successful and powerful line of the Japanese Minamoto clan, KAGEHISA sensei was raised following the Bushido, a Samurai way of life.

At the age of 6, he entered Ittoh-ryu Nakanishi, a dojo focused on swordsmanship that predate the Meiji Restoration.

At 13, he started practicing Tameshigiri, the art of target test cutting.

At 15, he underwent Genpuku, the traditional coming-of-age ceremony for members of the Samurai class, marking his transition from child to adult. At that time, his father gave him his own Katana.

And after more than 20 years of practicing as a traditional Samurai, he joined the Edo Onmitsu Musashi clan where he received his Ninjutsu training.

Learn more behind the stories of the sword in the Philippines' first hands-on Ninja Experience (P3,000)! PM Jezza Luzande 09178076941 if you'd like to book a slot!

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