Upcoming Climate Conference

The Romulo Peace Center supports a project to build a more climate-resistant Philippines. We contribute 100% of our rental income to this long-term project, which is an initiative of the Carlos P. Romulo Foundation for Peace & Development.

On April 25 and 26 (2017) the Foundation will be presenting a number of climate and disaster experts, both local and foreign, at a conference, Building a Disaster-Resilient Philippines. For example, Dr. Satoru Nishikawa (Japan) will be sharing the lessons learned from the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of 2011. Also invited to the 2-day event are representatives from government, institutions, and key sectors of Philippine society. Together with the experts, they will dialogue, exchange information, and draw up proposed measures -- action programs and protocols, legislative and regulatory changes, and possibly, a multi-stakeholder institutional framework to promote continuing cooperation -- with a view to strengthening the country’s disaster resilience.

The Romulo Foundation’s conference co-hosts are the Zuellig Family Foundation, the Manila Observatory (of Ateneo), the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, and ARISE Philippines.

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