TRE with Michelle Beck


Would you like to come to a special workshop at the Romulo Peace Center on Sunday, March 4, 3 to 430pm, presented by Michelle Beck? She will be teaching trauma-releasing techniques (TRE) as a way to cope with stress and anxiety.


Michelle Beck is a Transformational Trainer, Facilitator and Executive Coach based in Singapore. She is also a TRE Certification Trainer who worked as a key facilitator in the TRE efforts to address trauma in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda and, more recently, the Nepal earthquake.

Whether you are a parent who would like more patience with your kids (or your in-laws!), a victim of violence or an accident, a soldier suffering from PTSD, or just a person wanting to become more resilient, to feel better about life, you can benefit from TRE.

To book a spot (and spots are quite limited, so reserve right away), please click on this link:


Fee is by donation. (Please don't sign up and not show, as you'll be depriving someone else a spot in the workshop.) Bring a water bottle and something to lie down on. Wear comfortable clothes to roll around in. Please arrive at 245pm. For more information, text + 63 921 315 2644.

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