Beginners Breathing


This workshop focuses mainly on watching and savoring the wavelike patterns of the breath, soothing the nervous system, and entering the meditative space with ease. We will discuss simple pranayama concepts and concentrate on grounding our energies. Total beginners with minimal (or no) yoga / meditation background will feel relaxed and at home in this class. Those with more experience can come and enjoy the calming, restorative effects of a simple breathing practice.

Saturday, Jun 30, 2:45pm to 4:30pm

Workshop fee: P1,500

Please follow this link to online registration.

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If you are a regular practitioner of asana or meditation, and you'd like to begin a pranayama practice, please plan to attend the Level 2 workshop, which begins on Aug 4. You are, of course, welcome to also attend this one also, but know that Level 1 is intended for non-practitioners.

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