Pranayama Review


It can be hard to sit for pranayama at home alone, so why not come in and practice with your classmates? If you've completed the 2-part course but feel you still need guidance, this class was made for you. If you've got an established home practice but would like to refine your technique, do come in! 

The Guided Open Class (P500) meets this Saturday from 6 to 715pm. We will begin promptly. I will guide you through the preparatory practices and several pranayama techniques but won't stop to give too many details.

If you haven't yet done the 2-part course (now called Level 2), you can email me (or text +63 921 315 2644) to save a spot for the next workshop (P2,500).

Next review session (to be confirmed): June 23, 6pm
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