Supermoon Sound Healing


Sound affects us on a very deep level. Different tones, notes, and pitches can affect our self-healing processes while also expanding our minds, stimulating creativity, and restoring balance and harmony in a fundamental, soulful way.

Yeyette San Luis specializes in sound therapy for stress prevention and stress management. This includes addressing emotional imbalances, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and pain.  By recalibrating the body to its proper frequencies using sound vibrations, healing begins to manifest.

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Yeyette received her training from various teachers, including Sound Healing Master Jonathan Goldman in Colorado. She uses mainly her singing voice during healing sessions but also employs crystal singing bowls and tuning forks.

Join us on Sunday, December 3, from 2 to 6pm, as we harness the energy of the supermoon to affirm our positive intentions through sacred sounds and music.

The fee for this workshop is P1,500. If you've never been to the Romulo Peace Center, please follow this link to register. If you already have, then simply text us 0921 315 2644 to save a spot.

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