If you are bringing your own vehicle, here are some parking options nearby.



Monday to Saturday
(7am to 5pm) P50 for the first 2 hours; P60 for the next hour (maximum of three hours)
( 5pm onward) free parking

Free parking on Sundays

1. THe carpark at Greenbelt 1 (along Legaspi Street)

Monday to Friday
(6am to 11am) P45 for the first 4 hours; P50 for each succeeding hour; 
(11:01am onward) P45 for the first 4 hours; P10 for each succeeding hour

Saturdays, Sundays, holidays
(6am to 3am) P45 flat rate


3. de la Rosa Carpark 1, de la Rosa Street, Legaspi Village (facing the Shang Grand Tower) 


Entrance: in front of the Enterprise Tower
Exit: de la Rosa Street

Monday to Saturday (6am to 12am) 
P50 for the first 2 hours; P20 for each succeeding hour

Sundays & holidays(closed)