Liana Romulo has been a yoga practitioner since 2003 and a student of pranayama since 2006. Her principal teachers, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, are for her an enduring source of inspiration and illumination. With them Liana studies Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga within the broader context of Sanskrit, chanting, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, Buddhism, and pranayama. Liana began her yoga journey in the Philippines, her birthplace. She spends a few weeks every year with Richard and Mary, traveling to study with them in Thailand (where she lived as a young teen), Colorado, and London.

She follows the pranayama lineage of Swami Kuvalayananda, founder of the Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute in India. Liana has completed more than 800 hours’ training under O.P. Tiwari, who is respected internationally as a master of pranayama. She also receives pranayama guidance from Richard Freeman and sometimes, too, Paul Dallaghan, who introduced her to the practice.

She received Tiwariji’s blessing to share the pranayama practice with others in 2012. 

As a certified provider of TRE ® – a healing modality designed to alleviate stress and address trauma – Liana helps others release deeply ingrained patterns of emotional, mental, and physical holding. She’s also an avid scuba diver, an amateur photographer, a former New York City book editor, and a published writer of children’s books.

(She has completed a number of yoga-teacher-training courses with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, John Scott, Paul Dallaghan, and Kaivalyadham, not in that order.)